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eeRis Sprinkler v.0.8.00 for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016 / NAV 2017 / NAV 2018

What is Sprinkler?

Sprinkler is a Data Distribution System, developed to simplify any information replication needed between two or more Microsoft Dynamics NAV databases, and available for Dynamics NAV, versions NAV 2016, NAV 2017 and NAV 2018.

What's New in v.0.8.00

Sprinkler is available in two versions, the base Sprinkler Lite, permitting an on-demand replication, and the full Sprinkler eeLite offering all advanced option and nearly real-time replication. (Product Versions)

In his most simple configuration, Sprinkler eeLite detects any data modification operated on a company belonging on a first database (called Source Company or Source Peer) and transfers this information to one or even more company on the same or different databases (called Target Companies or Target Peers), in order to replicate the same operation.

A flexible setup on Source company allows to define precisely which operations are to be detected, and a similar setup on each Target company allows to define which reported operations has to be imported and replicated, or discarded. (Basic Configuration)

A single company can be at the same time Source and Target, allowing a bi-directional and very flexible distribution schema.

The Data distribution is implemented by a SSIS Package, that allows you to have a distributed architecture. In future versions a relay server resident on Microsoft Azure will be provided. (Note: the relay server is not available for the current 0.8.00 version)

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